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“stylepeaches” was born in the late 2010’s by a 16 year old girl longing for a space on the internet where she could share her daily musings”

Hello! Welcome to ‘stylepeaches’. I’m Chloe (middle name Peaches – don’t ask!) a twenty something millennial who splits her time between Dorset and London. I started ‘this slice’ of the internet in my mid-teens as a way to share my thoughts and style online, which fast forward to now has turned into a real passion of mine. ‘stylepeaches’ has grown into a place where I share pretty much anything and everything that takes my fancy.

After a well and truly earned relaunch in the summer of 2019, this site is continuously developing into something more personal, through the additions of city guides and places to visit in Dorset. As well as a more refined approach to skincare and dealing with acne in an array of upcoming beauty posts. ‘stylepeaches’ has grown into so much more from it’s humble beginnings.

I’m also available to hire! Yep, if you are in need of some instagram worthy pictures/ product photos/ literally anything (this girl’s a photography graduate!) or in need of a helping hand in running your social media outlets, with a person who has tonnes of experience in doing both. Then drop me an email *stylepeaches@gmail.com* or check out my “Photography & Social Media” page for some info!

Chloe x

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