Postcards from Paris no.2

It is such a strange thought to think that I was wondering the streets of Paris just over a week ago. With the day being spent taking in the sights around me and (forever) dreaming of living in a classic “Parisian” apartment, along the Seine river. I found myself refusing to get on the train home. So today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite photos from the trip, capturing the feel of the city, as well as re-living it through these shots. 
We decided to start the day with the iconic Eiffel Tower, at the Trocadero view point, from there we walked along the river to visit the Lourve and take photos of it’s scenic surroundings. 
After a quick pit stop (McDonalds trip f.y.i) we hopped back on the metro (some of which have air-conditioning!! Why doesn’t the tube have this!?) To visit Montmartre’s church and artist quarters. 
For those planning on visiting Montmartre I would definitely recommend getting a cable car up to the top as the steps are a killer! Spending 1.50€ for the trip up to the top never felt so good. 
We decided to spend the remaining afternoon there as the creative atmosphere was incredible to surrounded by, complete with artists drawing passerbys and a (impromptu) live music act filling the air waves. As the station was just a 15 minutes away, we decided to walk back to get our train home, which I loved as it was lovely to walk through the “Garment District” of the city, taking inspiration from the rolls of fabric and designs on the way home. Needless to say the train home was spent looking up Air BnB apartments to stay in…a girl could only dream.

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