Postcards from Wales 2015

With my trip to Wales being last week, I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite “holiday snaps” from the trip. Whilst we were there for the week we explored numerous places along the Welsh coast including watching the sun set along the picturesque coast of Rossilli, donning our wetsuits for a spot of surfing (and sunbathing) on the Gower and pier strolling at the Mumbles.

Needless to say we explored every inch of the southern welsh coast that week, to fulfil our “sight-seeing” needs. Despite the wether being a mixed bag of seasons (sunny and hot one day, raining the next..) We made the most of every opportunity to get out there (regardless of the ‘conditions’) and explore. Let me know if you too have explored the welsh coast below, and where about’s you visited.

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