Beauty Kitchen Inspire Me 60 Second Manicure


When it comes to your hands and nails I have to admit I’m sometimes too lazy to bother with painting them, and making sure they look ‘polished’. However saying that I’ve always been obsessed with using hand creams and keeping dry skin at bay, so when the “Beauty Kitchen’s Inspire Me 60 Second Manicure” landing in my hands I was intrigued to give it a whirl.

First off lets just talk about the packaging. I absolutely love how its packaged in a small mason jar as it adds a unique touch to the product, andalso (practically) preserves the product with its airtight seal. Now the actual product is made up of key ingredients such as Himalayan Salt, Abyssinian Oil, nettle, lemongrass and grapefruit, creating a intense citrus aroma that gently exfoliates, hydrates and cleanses the skin in 60 seconds.

This product is best used on wet hands, and I personally focus the exfoliation on my knuckles and in-between my fingers as those are the areas where I tend to suffer with dry patches. Like the name insists I do this for just 60 seconds, and once I’ve rinsed my hands I feel quite a dramatic difference to the way they feel. Thanks to those key oils my hands now feel softer and more hydrated, the Beauty Kitchen 60 Second Manicure is available from Holland & Barretts.

Beauty Kitchen Inspire Me 60 Second Manicure (Link)*

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