Holiday Disposables

So its been around two weeks since getting back from my holiday to Florida / Miami and its fair to say those holiday blues have truly sunken in.  But instead of my normal “Postcards from…” style post, which I’ve done for the past few trips to the U.S, I wanted to switch it up and share some shots from the holiday that were taken on my disposable camera. The camera was an impulse purchase whilst waiting in the airport lounge to board our flight, and to be honest I’m glad I saw it and picked it up. As there is something nostalgic and almost romanticised about capturing these ‘moments’ on film, not knowing full well what they will turn out like.

Needless to say there were a few ‘mishap photos’ including an array of blurry out of focus shots. But you know what that’s part of the fun with shooting on film.
The photos shared in todays post include some snaps from our stay in Miami, including some epic (and accidental) lens flare, some shots from an art gallery and (of course) my new love -Wynwood. Shooting on film is always one of those things that I want to get in the habit of doing more, and will definitely share on the blog next time I do so.

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