embracing independence


Independence is something that has been installed within my outlook for life/career/relationships from a young age, as being an independent person is something that should be taken as a privilege, especially knowing that you can be in control of all three of these aspects of life. Being independent, for me, means feeling comfortable in your own skin and enjoying your own company without the fear of loneliness. That is not to say that you can’t be independent whilst being in a relationship, as this could work in turn and give you confidence and support in doing things on your own and for you. 
The thought of being independent can often feel you with anxiety about dealing with certain situations on your own, whether that’s moving into your own place or even just going to a gig on your own. These things can almost be hyped up (by society or peers) as being something that should feel you with dread and doubt, and that you shouldn’t do on your own. But in fact, when you do them these thoughts don’t even cross into your emotional stream of consciousness. Speaking personally I’ve been there with experiencing an overload of anxiety about e.g. going to gig by myself, as someone who now often does this on a daily basis –to photograph bands etc. I know now that this is something that you shouldn’t be fazed by at all. If there’s a band you’ve always wanted to see live, but there’s no one you know to see them with. Screw it, just go by yourself and have the best time. Because ultimately being independent should be embraced with wide open arms.

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