My Everyday Makeup Routine

I recently shared my everyday makeup routine over on my IGTV channel, which you can watch here. For me, my approach to makeup is to not over do it, keep it simple and most importantly ‘look like me’. I prefer to enhance my natural features and have a bit of fun with it. Because let’s face it, it’s a day to day routine that can also be an instant confidence booster.

The two things I incorporate in my everyday makeup routine is copper eyes, fluffy brows, and skin that has a soft glow. Although I do love to layer a good highlighter on the frequent occasion.


After many years of battling with my skin, and wearing layers upon layers of foundation to hide my acne. I now opt for much more minimal approach thanks to it recently clearing up dramatically *which I spoke about in depth here*. Now all I wear is two different shades of concealer. One to brighten my under eyes, and then one to conceal the most ‘prominent’ scars. Though, I must admit I sometimes couldn’t care less if they were on show, as everyone’s skin has imperfections.

A couple of things I have found to help to disguise and ‘blur’ out these scars include: incorporating tanning drops in my moisturiser and using a cream based highlighter before concealer application to brighten any areas with pigmentation. I particularly love this highlighter by NYX in ‘Moon Glow’ for easy application and achieving a natural glow. Tanning drops have been the biggest game changer for my routine. Since they easy to use, and most importantly don’t break me out whilst still evening out my skin tone.

On the subject of a achieving a ‘faux glow’, I am partial to decent amount of bronzer. At the moment I am using this one by CYO, which is a contour kit that also comes with a ‘natural’ highlighter. Sleek’s contour kit (shown below) is another one of my favourites.

Eyes & Brows

Eyes have always been the area which I love to make the main focus when it comes to my makeup. The Profusion Cosmetics ‘Sienna’ palette is one of my all time favourites when it comes to versatility and quality. I picked mine up at Target a couple of months back, but they are available to buy in the UK online. Two of my favourite shades from this palette are ‘fearless’ for an all round shadow colour and ‘groovy’ for brows and faux freckles. Now I know the ‘faux freckle’ look isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I do love it. One of the reasons is because I can swap those highly pigmented acne scars for a couple of freckles. As well as the fact that makeup is about having fun with it, and not taking it too seriously. Following onto brows, my ‘secret weapon’ for fluffy brows that stay put during the day involves a can of hairspray and (a clean) mascara wand. In short, spray mascara wand with hairspray and brush brows into desired shape. Then I’ll fill in any ‘gaps’ with the shade ‘groovy’ from the Profusion palette.

Mascara’s aren’t a product which I get overly picky about, as the only two needs I ‘want’ from a mascara are longevity and definition. I have been using the Essence ‘get big lashes’ mascara (here) and love it for achieving both of the above. Essence in general, is an inexpensive brand that I am always intrigued by for its amazingly high quality/ low price point products. Finally, with lipstick I have been using Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in ‘Petal’ a lot as of late, for easy application and I how it evenly it wears throughout the day. It is the perfect shade for ‘no mirror’ applications.

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