Ways to boost your productivity

Ways to boost your productivity

Ways to boost your work productivity

*when you’re working from home

The relationship of working from home and productivity can sometimes be a tricky one. One minute you’re on a roll with tackling through you daily tasks then the next thing you know, procrastination hits you like a tonne of bricks. As someone who works ‘remotely’ I know this feeling all too well. But I have figured out a few ways to boost you work productivity and keep procrastination at bay.

Ways to boost your productivity

Set yourself a routine

Working remotely doesn’t mean that I can stay in my bed and pyjamas all day, although I am prone to the latter when I’m having a ‘cosy’ day. You know when it’s raining outside and the candles are lit and fairy lights are on. I am definitely someone who likes a routine, I tend to get up around 6.30am to either head to the gym or write a blog post/admin, before I ‘sign on’ at 9am. Even getting ‘ready’ and putting my makeup on, makes a huge difference to how I am going to start a day.

Switch up your work environment

When I first started working remotely I felt like my current workspace was extremely uninspiring. It got to the point where I would avoid working at my desk and instead choose to work in the living room as an alternative. However, after deciding that I needed to ‘face’ this issue head on, and with a few minor decor improvements. I’m talking about plants and memorable art prints. I found myself embracing my work space and actually wanting to work there *for once*. You could even opt to work in your local coffee shop or juice bar as a simple alternative, if human interaction is something you miss.

Ways to boost your productivity

Beating Procrastination

Procrastination can sometimes be hard to overcome when you’re a lone worker. But when I do ‘suffer’ from this at around the 3pm mark, I have decided that simply stepping away from my screen for 5-10 minutes is a massive help. Whether that’s to make myself a cup of tea, cuddle my dog or step out in the garden for some fresh air and sunshine – weather permitting obvs. This mini break for me is the best way to beat procrastination.

‘Human Interaction’

Working remotely can mean that human interaction falls pretty low during your working hours. Because let’s face it everybody just emails you. But to combat this I try to book something in the evening, whether that’s going to the cinema, meeting up with my friends or even going out to shoot content with my sister. Even just going out for an evening walk, can break up your day.

Ways to boost your productivity

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